Peter Speaks:

Super bowl

January 26, 2015

I just found out that SPRINT is using one of my songs in a Super Bowl add on Sunday AND my daughter CLAIRE will be featured in an add for a new craigslist type website on Super Bowl Sunday as well…. Nice!


January 26, 2015

I’m so excited because tomorrow we start rehearsals (not really, I hate rehearsals). The one thing I do like about though is reuniting with the BD’s and learning a few new surprises for our upcoming shows. If it all works out as planned I’ll have some exciting news for future shows. Off to Key Largo for a private show on Friday then off to the Jamaica Jazz blues pop rock festival on Saturday. Mexico Ciry coming up of course on Feb 12.

January 26, 2015

Let’s all sing Happy Birthday to LINDA, my long time dear friend and pcfc fan club prez. Ciao and Happy Birthday tooooo yuooooooo. pC

Bad web dude

January 22, 2015

As usual, I’m not “Mr. Quickly” adding stuff to my updated site especially learning all the new  ins and outs. Since I do this myself ( no hired assistant writing phony comments about how great I am) there will be a ” WARNING” label attached. WARNING~ There might be mistakes, silly comments, funny pictures along with the usual gig info and such so heeerrrreee weeee gooooo again!

ps. Thanks to Billy Neal for the new updated site…..

more gigs

January 19, 2015

Starting off the new year with the announcement that I’m now being represented by the APA booking agency and from the way things are beginning it should be an exciting one. I have a private show for some great folks down in Key Largo, Florida on January 30th,  and then the fun starts the next day, January 31st, for the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Next up is a show on February 12th at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City. Ill have much more information soon about the upcoming dates coming in April May and June…See you soon. Ciao, Peter

Up and running

January 17, 2015

Hello everyone!..We have finally reopened my site!..Ill have more info shortly so hang on..pC