With two of Canada’s iconic RCMP on my  short visit up to Toronto for David Fosters gala charity event. Spectacular show and a enormous success!

With Humble and Fred on my visit to their show in Toronto.  These are funny guys and along with everyone else on Canada Laughs it’s the best thing on Sirius radio.

Brother Kennys new publicity photo for his show! Sweet!

“Das how we roll” says Joe Chemay after Cowboy Keith found his and Jamelle Fraley’s secret road stash!

Ya see! We take selfies with famous people too!..Now who is this??..Cmon you fisherman!..yessir, it’s TV fishing host Jimmy Houston! He’s hosted a fishing show longer than I’ve been recording. Forget movie stars, these are the kind of people I get a kick out of meeting.

Boy oh boy! Why do they keep these old funky buildings standing? They need to knock  em down and make room for a new outlet mall or at least a new 7-11😎

Billboard in SA

Billboard in SA

WOW! Look who’s performing at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio tonight! I love this guy and his music!

With Brother Kenny going in the stage door before our gig in Aurora. As you can see by the little sign between us,  we play nothing but classy places!

Actually a great place and a fantastic crowd. Thanks Aurora!


With Jamelle Fraley in Toledo. I’m biting my lip and looking a bit goofy while somehow she makes eye contact with the camera and looks like a fashion model on a Vogue shoot.

They were here in 1969 and never left and I’m not kidding! Peace and Love bro!

The Woodstock stage was in the flat brownish spot just beyond the  split rail fence and surrounded by the vast bowl beyond. My concert was literally over the top of that ridge. It’s hard to explain my feelings and emotions as I stood here but needless to say, it was the end of the 60’s and the end of an era.

The New Bad Daddy’s with Tony Obrohta and his blue guitar and Jamelle Fraley on vocals!

Smiling at my manicure !

We were all “Happy Face” that night. Thank you NY

I think Boh and I are having a good time in Westbury!